West of Crete tour

Living Heraklion and our first stop is Fodele Village, birthplace of EL Greeco, where we can visit the Greeco's Old house and see the sparkling waters of a small river passing the village.

Monastery of Arkadi is our symbol of freedom, a historical monastery where hundres of Cretans died for our freedom.

Next stop while driving to west is Rethymnon City a beautiful big but traditional city that you will love.

Finally we are at Chania you wan't believe what can offer you this town, traditional old town build at Venetian and Turkish periods with a picturesque Venetian harbor.

Argiroupolis village is our next stop, where we can see a small traditional village with waterfalls.

After Rethymnon sightseeing we are on the way through the mountains to Agia Galini, a picturesque town south of Crete. If you have the time don't miss a big dive at Agia Galini's crystal clear waters.

Our next stop is Phaestos the second biggest Minoan Palace after Knossos.

Matala village is our next stop; a picturesque traditional village that you may know that it was the hippy doom center at 60's.

On our way back to north our next stop is Gortys a Greek - Roman, old town.

While our way is back to Heraklion this time, we drive through the rich vine yards, Crete is well known for the good quality of wine that we produce, so you can have a taste of Crete's best wine yards.